Do As Infinity’s digitally release of anime and game song compilation in North America and Asia

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Do As Infinity’s anime and game song compilation, “Anime and Game COLLECTION”, has been digitally released.

In addition to tie-ups with hit animes “Inuyasha” and “Hikaru No Go”, Do As Infinity has done the theme songs for popular game series “Tales of Series” and “Sengoku BASARA”. Recently, they have done the opening theme to “FAIRY TAIL”. Do As Infinity is actually deeply connected with anime and games.

The exclusive digital album, “Anime and Game COLLECTION”, includes “Fukai Mori” (ending thing theme to “Inuyasha”, “Tookumade” (theme song to “Vampire Hunter”), and “Tasogare” (ending theme to “Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage”. The cover is an illustration of Do As Infinity that is available for download as wallpaper for desktop computers and smartphones on their official site.

The album will be digitally released in North American and Asia, as well Japan.

Official website:

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