KAO=S’s Comments of Joy After Performing at “Hanabi Matsuri”, a Diplomatic Friendship’s 120th Anniversary Event in Sao Paulo

Friday, October 9, 2015


“Hanabi Matsuri(Fireworks Festival), a special event to celebrate Japan and Brazil’s friendship 120th anniversary held on September 12th at Intel Lagos circuit in Sao Paulo, featured a Japanese art rock band, KAO=S. Their fusion of traditional-modern music showing shamisen, sword dance, Japanese folk over rock arrangement charmed a lot of audience.

After ending “Hanabi Matsuri” as a big success, the members of KAO=S sent out comments to worldwide fans after they returned home.

Jack (Shamisen)
What moved me most was when a Japanese Brazilian audience said to me “the sound of shamisen reminded me of being a Japanese, reviving my Japanese DNA”.

Kaori Kawabuchi (Vocal Performance)
More than anything, I love Brazilian audience’s warm smiles. Even though it’s so far from Japan, this stay convinced me our hearts can stay close. I got to check out immigrant cultural center. Learning the Japanese immigrants’ struggles, I felt even closer to them. I would love to stay in touch with Brazil.
Shuji Yamagiri (Vocal Guitar)
Despite cloudy weather, KAO=S’s first stay in Brazil was as blessing as clear blue sky. We exceeded our max every single day and time just flew away. We’ll be back after releasing our “Best” we’ll make in Japan. Thank you so much!

KAO=S is going to release long-awaited new album in October., while performing energetically throughout Japan.

Official Website: http://www.kaos-japan.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaos.japan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUEK2HPK48u7qBqq-_Y9yhw

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