Juice=Juice performed their first show overseas

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Oct 3, Juice=Juice made their first performance overseas at Riverside Live House in Taipei to become a success.

The girls had excitement and a sense of tense feeling as they flew out of Japan. Since their main activities are in Japan, the group was astonished when they saw 100 fans waiting for them at the arrival gates of Taipei airport. Fans had big boards with messages written, trying to appeal to the members that gave the girls’ to head to the venue with big smiles.

In the past, there were three Hello!Project groups that performed in Taiwan. Morning Musume in 2008, ℃-ute in 2014, and Juice=Juice this year. Juice=Juice debuted in Septemeber 2013, and have grown to even hold overseas show. This speedy growth the the fastest in all of Hello!Project group.

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