The fin. Releasing a Five-Song EP in UK, Followed by Their First UK Performance.

Monday, November 9, 2015


The fin. will be performing in UK and they are releasing a five-song EP titled “Night Time-EP” as downloads.

This will be their first UK performance, going to 3 venues, The Finsbury on November 13rd, Birthdays on the 14th and Queen’s Head on the 15th. There will be more shows added later. The EP “Night Time-EP” will be out as downloads on December 4th in UK. This EP will feature 5 songs from the first album “Days With Uncertainty” released in December 2014.

The fin. UK TOUR 2015
November 13th (Fri) 2015 UK・The Finsbury
November 14th (Sat) 2015 UK・Birthdays
November 15th (Sun) 2015 UK・The Queen’s Head

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