Nabowa Releasing “十年熟成精選輯” a Taiwanese Version Album.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Nabowa, with the expanding popularity after the first performance in October 2014 at THE WALL in Taiwan, is releasing a 2-CD album “十年熟成精選輯 “ from A Good Day Records in Taiwan on November 6th.

Disc 1 features the selection by A Good Day Records. Disc 2 features 2 collaborations with a popular Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Fang Jie. Also “wakaba” and “No violin, No Nabowa” will be new versions rearranged for this release.

Fumi Zekka Nabowa 2015 Taiwan Tour Feat. Fang Jie
November 20th (Fri) Taichung Legacy Taichung
November 21th (Sat) Kaohsiung Live Warehouse
November 22nd (Sun) Taipei Legacy Taipei

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