w-inds. Was Awarded by Consul General in Hong Kong for the First Time as a J-Pop artist.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


On November 1st, w-inds.’s tour w-inds. LIVE TOUR 2015 “Blue Blood” drew the curtain at KowLoon Bay KITEC-Star Hall in Hong Kong.

The tour had gone to as many as 15 venues since July, until it reached Hong Kong. Their popularity is getting solid all over Asia, and at the Hong Kong show, they expressed their gratitude in Cantonese. The show featured a total of 23 songs, pleasing the 2,000 fans who gathered at the venue.

The next day, they were awarded by the Japanese Consulate in Hong Kong with the Consul General Award, the first achievement by a J-pop artist, making another milestone in Hong Kong. W-inds. has had seven solo shows in Hong Kong since 2007 and won “IFPI Top Sales Music Award” with 11 albums in a row, contributing the promotion of J-Pop in Hong Kong and Macau area.

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