w-inds. Reveal Music Video Full of Powerful Dance Scenes

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


w-inds. has revealed their music video for the new song “Boom Word Up” on YouTube.

“Boom Word Up” will be the title tune of their upcoming single, which will be released on May 5. The music video consists of powerful dance scenes on the streets, imaging the ’90s, with many background dancers performing behind the members of w-inds.

Official website: http://www.w-inds.tv
Blog (Ryohei): http://ameblo.jp/winds-ryohei/
Blog (Keita): http://ameblo.jp/tachibana-keita/
Blog (Ryuichi): http://ameblo.jp/winds-ryuichi/
Twitter (Ryohei): http://twitter.com/wb_ryo
Twitter (Ryuichi): http://twitter.com/ryu_winds

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