Airi Kawai

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am Airi Kawai. My name was taken from “Kyourin” which comes from Chinese (the Chinese characters for both Kyourin and Airi are the same). I am 100% Japanese. I was born just at the dawn of the “Heisei” era.

Guitar, Vocal
Began playing guitar in 8th grade and started performing live in 11th grade.
At the moment, I mainly perform at live houses mainly in Tokyo.

Birth: 1989, Tokyo.
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Stargazing

Color: Dark navy blue, white, black
Books: Works by Kanako Nishi
Number: 3
Season: Winter!!
Animal: Cat
Food: Sweets in general, foods with green tea taste, eggplant dishes

JUDY AND MARY、YUKI、Chat Monchy、Curuli、Spitz etc…

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