TOTALFAT to release new opening theme song to NARUTO Shonen-hen on 2/14

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TOTALFAT’s new song “Good Bye, Good Luck” has been featured as the new opening theme to the smash-hit animation series NARUTO Shonen-hen.
This single will be digitally released in the US on February 14 through iTunes and Amazon.

TOTALFAT has just released “Place to Try”(ending theme song to NARUTO Shippuden) on November 9, 2011 in the US, and on February 14, 2012, they will be releasing their new song “Good Bye, Good Luck”(opening theme song to NARUTO Shonen-hen), a graduation song about starting a new journey.
This single also includes song “Place to Try -Featuring Atsushi Suemitsu Version-“, a ballad arrangement version from their previous release.
Both songs ““Good Bye, Good Luck”, and the newly arranged “Place to Try -Featuring Atsushi Suemitsu Version-“ will best describe and match for Japan’s graduation season in spring.

TOTALFAT performed 7 times as the opening act for THE OFFSPRING’s “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace” JAPAN TOUR, and the band has also played with many overseas artists including Good Charlotte. With their amazing career, they have been appearing in various music festivals attracting enormous numbers of crowds.


Title: Good Bye, Good Luck (NARUTO Shonen-hen opening theme)
Feb.14, 2012 Release via iTunes and Amazon

1.Good Bye, Good Luck
2.Attack Or Die
3.Place to Try -Featuring Atsushi Suemitsu Version-
4.Good Bye, Good Luck -NARUTO Opening Version-
5.Good Bye, Good Luck -Instrumental-

Title: Place to Try (NARUTO Shippuden ending theme)
NOW AVAILABLE at iTunes and Amazon
US iTunes link:
US Amazon link:

* Watch Naruto Shippuden, now on, VIZ Media’s own website for free anime, as well as on the streaming content provider HULU

[PROFILE] 4 piece band with a spectacular live performance power, collecting much attention for being noted as the “Next Hero” in the Japanese Rock Scene!
High school friends, Shun (Vo / Ba) and Bunta (Dr) went to see The Offspring’s “Americana Japan Tour 99” together, and they were completely knocked out by their great stage performance and presented entertainment.
On the way home, they were determined to form a band together and thus created TOTALFAT.
Since then, they’ve performed over 1,000 shows, and in 2008, they opened 7 shows for the Offspring’s “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” JAPAN TOUR.
The band has performed with many other overseas artists including Good Charlotte.
With their strong performing talent that was built through their experiences, they’ve been attracting tremendous amount of audiences in various festivals.

They have a west coast melodic punk sound as their roots, but the music that they produce is beyond its genre.
Their music is filled with exhilaration of rock, speed, power, emotional impulse, and melodies.
TOTALFAT’s lyric is another big great appeal. Their strong and straightforward messages have been raising sympathy especially among teenagers, and many say that “they’re the most powerful band that can give strength and courage to the kids in Japan”.

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