MUCC / Release of New Single “NIRVANA”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrating their 15th anniversary year, MUCC is releasing the very first new single of year 2012 on 3/7/2012. The title song ‘NIRVANA’ is the opening theme song for an anime titled “Inu x Boku SS (Secret Service) on MBS/TBS. “NIRVINA” will be released in 3 different types—1st limited edition, regular edition and time-limited edition. The 1st limited edition includes a special track, ‘Saishuu Ressha -Warehouse Flavored Version-’ and a DVD with live clips of “JACK IN THE BOX 2011” held on 12/27/2011. Both of the regular edition and the time-limited edition will include ‘NIRVANA -Moonbug Remix-’ as one of the coupling tracks and each edition will have a different coupling track from one another. The time-limited edition will come in a special anime jacket sleeve.

Release Information:
Release on 3/7/2012

【1st Limited Edition (CD+DVD)】
AICL-2356~2357 1,575 yen (tax in)
2. Saishuu Ressha -Warehouse Flavored Version-
*DVD includes PV & making-of clip + clips from JACK IN THE BOX 2011 LIVE (2,3 songs)

【Regular Edition】
AICL-2358 1,260 yen (tax in)
3.NIRVANA -Moonbug Remix-

【Time-Limited Edition】
AICL-2359 1,223 yen (tax in)
2. NIRVANA (89-second version)
3. NIRVANA -Moonbug Remix-

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