Saturday, January 1, 2011


Founded in 1984. All members are from Hokkaido.
They call their music Japanese R&E (Rhythm and Enka). In 1991, made their major debut from Nippon Crown, but went into break in 1996. In 1999, made a come back under an indies label, and made a their second major debut from Imperial Records under Teichiku Entertainment in 2004.
From around 2009 (25 years after their initial debut), they began to rise in popularity, as the media started to recognize them. Made their first break after a quarter-century career, and these days, perform at numerous rock festivals.
The song “Monjai Beat”, composed by the guitarist, Tomoyasu Kamiharako, and the lyrics written by the vocalist Naosumi Masuko was inserted as the lead track on the fifth album “Fight” released by “Kanjani ∞” on November 16, 2011,

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