Saturday, January 1, 2011

YOUR SONG IS GOOD is a party instrumental six-piece band formed in January 1998 with multiple musicians including an organ player, trombone player. They initially showed the influence from emo or melodic hard core punk, but then moved onto the dance sound incorporating with R&B taste.
In 2002, they released an EP “COME ON” and in 2004, a full album “YOUR SONG IS GOOD” from an indie label. In July 2006, they released their major debut EP “FEVER”, followed by major label debut album “HOT!HOT!HOT!HOT!HOT!HOT!”. In October 2011, they released their first best album titled “BEST”. They are also active as individual musicians including the front person Saito JxJx Jun(Organ and vocal) performing as DJ or MC.

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