Saturday, January 1, 2011

Formed in 1998, THE BACK HORN has been indispensable for Japanese rock music scene and the position as a live band was established at once. In resent years, the presence for the oversea also started with participation in Spain and Taiwanese rock festivals. Not only its live performance, but also its unique view of the world, they have collaborated with a number of motion pictures. Also finishing a very successful show at Budokan in 2008, the latest album “Pulse” recorded the fifth position at music chart in Japan. The surroundings has been changed, but it’s not changed because of the belief, “KYO-MEI” which means “sympathizing with others”. THE BACK HORN has been moving forward for “KYO-MEI”
Masashi Yamada(Vo)
Eijun Suganami(Gu)
Kohshu Okamine(Ba)
Shinji Matsuda(Dr)

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