Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yuzuru Ota  bass/vocal
1960/01/20 Type B From Tottori
Masahiro Naoe  vocal/guitar
1959/08/26 Type B From Tokyo
The band was formerly called Jiniinkuka and changed their band name to CARNATION. The original member is Naoe. They made their debut with a single “Yoru no Entotsu”(Nagomu). The band has been through several member-changes but kept their uniqueness without getting consumed by the commercialism, while releasing a lot of albums. The songs are sophisticatedly written and the lyrics describes the joy and sorrow of life. The rhythm section is so skilled along with the great vocal performance, and they are also quite educated, which makes them an unique band in the industry. 2008 marked their 25th anniversary but in January 2009, the drummer Hiroshi Abe left the band. But they welcomed a supporting drummer Yuki Nakahara from Tamako Wals, releasing “Jason” after 2 and a half year’s interval.

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