Galileo Galilei

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


4-piece band consisting Yuuki Ozaki (Vo & Gtr)、Fumito Iwai (Gtr)、Hitoshi Sakou(Ba)、Kazuki Ozaki (Dr). This young band (current average age at 19) was formed in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the northernmost city in Japan. In 2008, the band made its sensational major debut after winning the teenage audition festival called “Senkou Riot”. Their debut song “Hanamasu no Hana” released in 2010 marked over 1 million downloads, and their first full album “Parade” released in February 2011 marked top 5 on the Oricon weekly chart. Selling out their recent SHIBUYA-AX show in literally seconds, Galileo Galilei has rapidly gained popularity and is one of the bands attracting the most attention in the Japanese music scene. And now, their first original song “Kanseitou (acoustic)” has been readapted into a film, set in their home town Wakkanai, Hokkaido. The film will make its US premier at New York’s JAPAN CUTS on July 19. On the same day, their first full album “Parade” including song “Kanseitou (acoustic)” will be digitally released through iTunes and Amazon. This album will be available in the US, Canada, and in the UK.

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