Sayuri Tsuyama

Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. Made an indie debut in 2001 as “Sayuri Fukumoto” with the Columbia Japan and held her first concert.
In 2002, she changed her name to “Sayuri Tsuyama” and released her song “Onna No Mikoshi” and “Rinne Tensei” through King Records. In 2003, she held “Sayuri Matsuri ♪2003: Sayuri Tsuyama Concert in MATSUYAMA (held at the Matsuyama Civic Center).“
In 2006, she released “Sayonara” and “Aishitetawa”. In 2007, she released “Runner” and “Mouichido Aitai”. In 2011, she switched labels from King Records to Tokuma Japan Communications. As her first release after transferring labels, she released “Ichijiku No Uta” in April of 2011.

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