Midori Oka

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Midori Oka has received trained in Japanese folk music (Minyou) since the age of 5 and has won numerous singing contests in the Kansai area. She debuted in Kansai as a member of an idol group named “HOP CLUB”. After some time, she decided to take a break in order to work solo to concentrate on “enka”, which has become her true passion.

She was later scouted by the chief producer of “Enka Hyakusen”. In August 2005, she made her enka dubut with the song “Okesa Watari Dori” (Lyrics: Yurio Matsui, Song: Akito Yomo) from VAP. Her bare-midriff look drew attention from many people. In July 2007, Oka released her second single “Hinoki Misaki Toudai” (Lyrics: Koyomi Asa, Song: Hideo Mizumori) from Tokuma Japan.

TOKUMA JAPAN COMMUNICATIONS: http://www.tkma.co.jp/enka/oka/
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