Tomio Umezawa

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Present, Vice-chairman of Umezawa Takeo Gekidan (梅沢武生劇団).
His father (late Kiyoshi Umezawa), was the chairman of the popular theater “Kengeki (剣劇)”, as well as a big star in the post-war popular theater prosperity period, becoming the top performer filling up theaters such as Asakusa “Tokiwaza (常盤座)” with many people. His mother was from Musume Kabuki (娘歌舞伎). Umezawa Takeo Gekidan specializes in parodies of Kabuki repertoires, tailoring shows like a musical, and reviewing. (Adding the “Show-style” performances of Fumio Umezawa, stages were performed in three parts.)
Currently, members of the Umezawa Takeo Gekidan number up to fifty, eldest son “Takefu” as chairman, with majority of eight siblings as members of the “family troupe”. Within the show, Fumio Umezawa plays from a handsome man’s role to a comedian, and even to a dancing glossy women’s role. In recent years he has energetically appeared on TV, winning the hearts of a wide age range from kids to adults.

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