Saturday, January 1, 2011

OVERGROUND ACOUSTIC UNDERGROUND is an acoustic band formed by 6 members, TOSHI-LOW(Vo, in OAU as Vo&G), MAKOTO(B), RONZI(Dr), and KOHKI(G) who are members of “BRAHMAN”, a leading hard core band of Japan, by KAKUEI a percussionist who plays in various projects and MARTIN(Vo&Vio&G) a Scottish American violinist.

After the band was formed in 2005, they released their 1st album and a mini album. The sound of the acoustic guitar, wood base, drums, percussions, violin and the two vocalists skillfully weave in Western trad and roots music whish is organic and unique, receiving great appreciation from various fields.

They attract the audience with their vivid dynamism and fine live performance at Japan’s greatest rock festivals such as “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”, “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL”, “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL” and “ASAGIRI JAM”.

On November 25th, they released their awaited 2nd album “New Acoustic Tale”, a ripe album making their next leap forward. Their release tour “New Acoustic Tale tour” will be starting from January 2010.

Official Website: http://www.oau-tc.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/tacticsrecords
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/oau/
TOY’S FACTORY: http://www.toysfactory.co.jp/oau/

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