Senri Oe / US Debut as Jazz Pianist at the Age of 52!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Singer/songwriter Senri Oe is making US debut as a jazz pianist with his new album “Boys Mature Slow” to be released this fall. He moved to New York, US all by himself to study jazz and finally on 7/31/2012, he will be releasing this new album in the US through his own music label “PND Recordings.”

Oe made his domestic debut in Japan in 1983 and released hit songs such as ‘Kakko Warui Furare Kata’ and ‘Jyunin Toiro.’ He had been active in various fields of music and entertainment, but suddenly in 2008, he moved to New York with dreams of becoming a jazz pianist. He studied diligently in an environment of young students from much younger generations than himself. After all the hard work, he is finally brining his masterpiece for everyone to listen to.

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