December 4, 2015

Yajima from ℃-ute Starred in a Taiwanese band MAGIC POWER’s Romantic Music Video.

MAGIC POWER is a 6-piece Taiwanese band and in the music video of their song “I Still Love You(Japanese ver.)”, you can see Maimi Yajima from℃-ute starring in the love story This collaboration happened as the result of MAGIC POWER and ℃-ute performing together on a music program about 2 years ago. The video tells a bittersweet story for a loved one. Official Website: Hello!Project Official Website: YouTube:... Read More

October 6, 2015

℃-ute’s first show in Mexico

On Sep 19, ℃-ute held their first show in Mexico, SALA. The audience included fans wearing a wrestler’s mask with a “℃-ute” design. There were also fans wearing a handmade dress identical to a dress worn in the MV for ℃-ute’s single “Sekai-ichi-HAPPY-na-onnanoko”. The setlist was created through an internet voting by fans. The fans sung along with some of the ℃-ute’s songs, proving their precise steps in the overseas music market. Official Website: Hello!Project... Read More

July 11, 2013

Mai Hagiwara from ℃-ute spoke her next goal in overseas after performing in France.

“Idol Hour Hello! Project” on Internet Radio Station “Enjoy Network Japan” is coming to the second week with Mai Hagiwara from ℃-ute. ℃-ute just finished their performance in France. Mai spoke her pleasure about performance in France and what means to her performance in overseas and her next goal in the future. You can hear this interview on Enjoy Network Japan on schedule below. Also ℃-ute just released new single on July 10th in Japan. The song will be... Read More