September 25, 2013

Details for MAN WITH A MISSION’s First Single on Sony Music

MAN WITH A MISSION’s new single, “database feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET)” will be released on October 9. The band has now released new artists photos as well as images of the CD jacket. As stated in the single’s title, MAN WITH A MISSION’s first release on Sony Music Records will be a collaboration with 10-FEET’s vocalist/guitarist TAKUMA. The artist photos and CD jacket make a strong impact, the electronic feeling matching well with the concept of... Read More

January 1, 2011


10-FEET started in 1997 in Kyoto. Although they look like a simple 3-piece, the base melocore sound is mixed with rock, punk, heavy metal, reggae, hip hop, guitar pop, bossa nova etc establishing 10-feet’s unique style. Doing over 100 high energy shows each year, with each performance overwhelming, yet full of humanity. Their lyrics cover a variety of topics both deep and frivolous, their personality quirks will bring a smile to your face. 10-feet are pure entertainers. Having... Read More