August 20, 2012

AI / Starting Overseas Promotion Prior to Live in LA

Currently in production for the next album, AI is staying in LA as the local promotion for the upcoming LA live has just started. To present AI as an artist created by the mixture of two cultures of Japan and USA, her music videos are now available for overseas viewers. With her street promotion in USA, she is preparing for the right moment for the world to get to know her and her music. AI is scheduled for a live on 8/24 at CLUB NOKIA in LA. Her music is already available on... Read More

January 1, 2011


Born in LA, raised in Kagoshima, and educated in the US for high school. With authentic vocal power honed in a gospel choir, street smarts learnt in the US, the hot rap skills of a true bilingual, and art-school-acquired dance moves, AI is the reigning Queen of Hip Hop Soul, moving freely between soul, R&B, hip hop and dance. Many globally traumatizing events shook the world in 2011. AI’s caring message of “everything will be alright with your smile” in “Happiness/Letter... Read More