January 29, 2014

AKI AKANE Collaboration on MV with 17 Year Old No.1 US Singer Lorde

The collaboration of multi-creator AKI AKANE and the currently popular US singer Lorde was announced. Lorde is a female singer from New Zealand and is only 17, yet has been at the top of the Billboard Chart for 9 weeks in a row, and nominated for the Grammy Awards in 4 sections. Her Japan Debut will be on February 19th. The song “Royals”, being No.1 in the US and the UK and a hit around the world, its lyrics has earned much sympathy from many teens her age, and its effects... Read More

October 9, 2013

“Singing Painter” AKI AKANE, Great Success at One-Man Live in Taiwan

The “singing painter” AKI AKANE, who is currently extending her activities throughout the US, Europe, and Asia held a One-man Live on September 28th (Sat.) in Taiwan which ended in a great success. After the release of the 2nd album “DRAGON FLY” in November of last year, AKI AKANE held a performance alone in Hong Kong, and then appeared in the Europe`s largest Japanese culture festival “JAPAN EXPO 2013” held in Paris. With the success at Taiwan`s One-man Live, she... Read More

August 6, 2013

AKI AKANE to ‘WOW’ France at Japan Expo Live Show

Singer-Digital Drawing Artist, AKI AKANE, appeared in Live House (with 8000 people capacity) at the largest Japanese culture convention in Europe known as in Paris, France (July 4 through 7). AKI AKANE was selected as a headliner for the main stage where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu played last year, and Golden Bomber the year before. The performance lasted about 40 minutes and AKI’s stage was perhaps the one hottest performance ever at the Expo with fans from all over Europe going nuts. It... Read More

February 5, 2013

Great success for AKi Akane’s first live in Hong Kong and first illustration book coming out this weekend!

The singer and illustrator Aki Akane, also known as “Screaming Cinderella”, held her first live in Hong Kong on January 26th. This first solo live was very much in Aki’s style, who is becoming more and more the focus of attention in the music and art scenes, both inside and outside Japan, as a representative for the nico nico douga or Hatsune Miku culture of the youngest generations. Her videos, published online, gained her a big fandom which grew worldwide along with her... Read More

November 20, 2012


©2012COCHITORA,Inc All Rights Reserved Aki Akane started her career on the video sharing website “Nico nico douga”, she is called “screaming Cinderella” or a “painter who sings about the Heisei era”, and when her major debut was announced she reached the 2nd place among suddenly increasing words on Google. On April 18th 2012 she released her 1st album “Boroborona ikizama (A ragged way of life)”, which reached the 17th place in Oricon daily chart. She was then... Read More

January 1, 2011


Akane made her Niconico debut in August 2008 when she posted a video of herself singing supercell’s “Koi wa sensou“. She attracted viewers with her emotional singing voice, which was enough to earn her the nickname “Screaming Cinderella”. She became so popular that each new video she uploaded would gain more than 1 million views. In addition, the singer has uploaded videos featuring her own illustrations, and has also uploaded images to the illustration-communication... Read More