April 4, 2013

[Concert Report] Aki Yashiro on the Stage as a Jazz Singer in NY with Helen Merrill.

Aki Yashiro had a Jazz concert in New York on the night of March 27th Eastern time. “Yoru no Album” is a Jazz Standard Cover album by Enka singer Aki Yashiro as her reminiscence for her club singer time while she made her way singing jazz standards. This made a big hit in Japan and was distributed throughout the world in 75countries. That made her dream came true to perform in New York. The venue “Birdland” on 44th street in Manhattan is a renowned jazz club that numerous... Read More

January 15, 2013

Aki Yashiro / First US Live in 30 Years

Aki Yashiro will be performing at a renowned jazz landmark club as a jazz singer in collaboration with Helen Merrill, whom she respects greatly. Her previous jazz album “Yoru no Album” released on October, 2012 set a new record as a big hit through which she made her world debut in 75 countries around the world. Yashiro has already established herself as ‘the queen of enka,’ and now she is highly praised as a jazz singer not only in Japan alone, but in the US as well.... Read More

November 12, 2012

Aki Yashiro: Showdown in Asia—#1 in Malaysia, #2 in Singapore

Aki Yashiro’s new jazz album “Yoru no Arubamu” (Night Album), released in 75 countries, took the top spot on the Top Jazz Albums Chart of Malaysia’s iTunes Store. She also has the remarkable achievement of high spots on iTunes Jazz Charts all over Asia: #2 in Singapore, #4 in Taiwan, and #7 in Hong Kong. Aki Yashiro will perform a commemorative concert for the release of her album “Yoru no Arubamu” at the Blue Note Tokyo on Friday, November 9. “Yoru no Arubamu”... Read More

October 18, 2012

Aki Yashiro / Debut as Jazz Singer in 75 Countries

Aki Yashiro’s jazz album “SONGS AROUND MIDNIGHT” will be simultaneously released on download service sites such as iTunes and Spotify in 75 countries. This is the biggest scale digital release by a Japanese artist in history. Aki Yashiro is about to unfold new chapters for her stage as “the queen of jazz” around the world. The first track ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ has already been available as pre-release track since 9/26/2012. This number is a special track as it kindled... Read More

January 1, 2011

Aki Yashiro

In 1971, made her debut from Teichiku with “Ai Wa Shindemo (愛は死んでも)”. Participated in an audition program YTV “Zen Nihon Kayou Senshuken”, keeping 1st in the competition for 10 weeks in a row, leading her to shine as grand champion. In 1973 “Namida Goi (なみだ恋)” sold over 1.2 million copies and became a smash hit. Ever since, she had constantly been releasing hits such as “Shinobi Goi (しのび恋)”, “Ai... Read More