September 21, 2013

ALSDEAD returns to the US!

It’s been only one year since their last U.S. performance in Hawaii along with their full album release, “Separator” and two singles, but ALSDEAD will be making their way back to America again! From the 24th of October, they will be joining the event, Oni-Con, for a special live performance. Not only will there be a live, but they will engage in various activities held throughout the event days. “Our first performance in the U.S. was also in Texas(Dallas), so I’m... Read More

March 30, 2012

“Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” by DANGER CRUE / Voting Battle of the Bands!

Presented by DANGER CRUE, “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” is a series of live events where new upcoming neo-visual bands with powerful sounds and staging are showcased. In preparation for the second event of the series scheduled for 4/13(Fri), a new approach of “Voting Battle of the Bands” was announced as a new band “DIV” joined the artist lineup. This is an experimental voting system for the fans in which the results will decide... Read More

December 23, 2011

J-ROCK EXPLOSION / “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-“

A brand new event will open up a brand new chapter in 2012!! Starting from February 2012, “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” will present a new series of live events where new and powerful neo-visual bands are introduced. The very first of the series will be unveiled on 2/3 at Shinjuku LOFT. This event will showcase new and powerful bands with intense sounds and splendid stage performances that will most definitely mesmerize the entire audience. The very... Read More

January 1, 2011


ALSDEAD is an alternative metal band from Tokyo, Japan, which formed in December, 2008. Their music can be described as an aggressive, yet melodic metal sound, fused with electronic musical elements. The band’s concept is to create music that assumes mental disorder to be basis. Members MAKI – Vocalist (ex. DICE AND JOKER as Makki) Shin – Guitarist (ex. DICE AND JOKER) Yosuke – Bassist (ex. auncia) Setsua – Drummer (ex. DICE AND JOKER as Peanuts Benjamin) Official... Read More