July 13, 2016

Amazarashi Is to Have Solo Shows in Taiwan and Shanghai

Amazarashi is going to have solo shows in Taipei and Shanghai for the first time outside of Japan. This is their first time for Maharashtra to perform overseas.Taiwan Performance is titled as “Amazarashi tour 2016 Sekai-bunki 2016 in Taiwan”, held on the 23rd of September at Legacy Taipei. The detail on Shanghai performance is to be announced. “Amazarashi tour 2016 Sekai-bunki 2016 in Taiwan September 23rd (Fri) Taipei Legacy Taipei open 19:00 start 20:00 Ticket Advanced... Read More

May 30, 2016

Special concert live broadcast amazarashi Premium LIVE VIEWING 「世界分歧二〇一六(sekai-bunki 2016)」 Confirmed!

It is now confirmed that the premium event to celebrate the release on June 22nd of the LIVE DVD&BD amazarashi Live Tour 2016 「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」, which will be held on June 21st (TUE), a night before the release day, will be live broadcasted to 20 movie theaters in Japan as well as to movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan. On the event day, not only the DVD of the 「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」tour final concert at Nakano... Read More

March 20, 2015

amazarashi to perform at Taiwan festival, “T-Fest ASHITA ONRAKUSAI”

Japanese artists amazarshi and MONKEY MAJIK were announced as performing artists for the “T-Fest 2015 ASHITA ONRAKUSAI” in Taipei, Taiwan on March 28 and 29. Waa Wei from Taiwan, Cloud Nothings from the US, and Mew from Denmark are also set to perform. Japanese artists Envy and TURTLE ISLAND have already been confirmed to perform as well. Performance dates will be announced at a later date. “T-Fest ASHITA ONRAKUSAI” March 28, 2015 (Saturday), 29 (Sunday) Taiwan Taipei... Read More

February 6, 2015

Technique of using a laser cutter to make letters out of raw meat is a world first

amazarashi’s ending theme to anime “Tokyo Ghoul √A” “KISETSU WA TSUGITSUGI SHINDEIKU” music video release Amazarashi, a band centered around Hiromu Akita from Aomori, did the ending theme of the hugely popular anime, “Tokyo Ghoul √A”. The music video for theme song, “KISETSU WA TSUGITSUGI SHINDEIKU”, is now up on YouTube. The video shows a laser cutter cutting the lyrics of the song out of raw beef. This is the first time this has ever been tried anywhere... Read More

December 31, 2014

amazarashi’s New Song “Kisetsu ha Tsugitsugi Shindeiku” Premiers as the TV anime “Tokyo Ghoul”’s Second Season Ending Theme Song.

© Sui Ishida / Shueisha Tokyo Ghoul Production Committee amazarashi is a band formed by Hiromu Akita, currently residing in Aomori Prefecture and they will release a new single “Kisetsuha Tsugitsugi Shindeiku” on February 18th 2015. This song will premier as the ending theme song of a TV anime “Tokyo Ghoul√A” aired on TOKYO MX starting in January. This anime is preceded by the reputation as the most highly expected anime of the season in Japan and overseas. “Tokyo... Read More

May 24, 2014

Amazarashi Announced a Story-teller Premium Show Exclusively for One Night

amazarashi is a band based in Aomori formed by Hiromu Akita and his fellow musicians, and they announced on their web that will throw a story-teller premium show “amazarashi Premium Live Senbun no Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight” ” at Tokyo Dome City Hall on September 9th (Tue). http://www.amazarashi.com/starlight/ This show will be held under the name of “amazarashi”, their band name from indie days, and this will be a new type of live show featuring a story... Read More

January 1, 2011


amazarashi is a band led by Hiromu Akita. In December 2009, they released an album 0. as a limited release of 500 copies in Aomori. Since the album created a lot of buzz and they were flooded with inquiries, they eventually released the album nationwide as 0.6. As the intense worldview of their lyrics grabbed the attention of listeners with quick ears, they made a major debutwith How To Make A Bomb released from Sony Music in June 2010. “a band led by Hiromu Akita from Aomori” It... Read More