May 9, 2012

Anna Tsuchiya / Guest Stage at Taipei Arena

Anna Tsuchiya performed as a special guest artist for a Taiwanese rock singer Shin’s live held at Taipei Arena in Taiwan on 4/21/2012. It was Shin’s very first time to perform at Taipei Arena as well. Shin has offered Anna Tsuchiya to join his lives and collaboration projects in the last 5 years and she was finally chosen to perform a stage at his live. Official Website: Blog: Myspace: iTunes:... Read More

January 1, 2011


Anna Tsuchiya has packed much into her short career since she first started modeling in her teens in the late ’90s. She has appeared in fashion shows and television commercials and performed as a stage actress, while also finding time for a recording career. She did much to confound her image as a pop idol by starring as a foul-mouthed, leather-clad yakuza biker girl in the hit movie Kamikaze Girls. Tsuchiya scored her first Top Ten hit with her third single, “Rose,”... Read More