August 15, 2018

“ASTERISM” Three Piece Instrumental Heavy Metal Band at the Average Age of Sixteen Published the Music Video of “Blaze” from Their First Full Album “IGNITION”.

“ASTERISM” is a three piece instrumental heavy metal band formed by HAL-CA, the guitarist known for her furiously fast playing and correct picking, MIYU on 7 string bass, who has the great command of slapping and right hand, and also MIO on drums, who attracts the audience with the steady rhythm and flawless fills. They have just published a video of “BLAZE”(short.ver).( “BLAZE” is included in their first full album “IGNITION”... Read More

June 29, 2018

ASTERISM, Three Piece Heavy Metal Instrumental Band at the Average age of Sixteen, Is to Release Their First Full Album. The Album Will Feature Bootsy Collins(BASS/ex JB’S) and Buckethead(GUITAR/ex Guns N’Roses)

HAL-CA known as a genius guitarist for her furiously fast playing, right hand play, and right and correct picking for 15 year old, MIYU who only at the age of 16 can play slap and tap as well as right hand over seven-string bass, and MIO who at the age of 18 keeps the right time over flowing groove and passionate fills. This three piece heavy metal instrumental band at the average age of 16 is going to release their first full album “IGNITION” on August 22nd (Wed). This... Read More

April 14, 2018

ASTERISM has started their studio live series named “BATTLE SESSION” !!

ASTRISM, most young heavy metal instrumental band in Japan, has just started their studio live “BATTLE SESSION” on April12th, that was planned with the concept of three members shaking each other’s sounds and playing in a whimsical way of shooting with a single camera. ASTERISM – 155 (BATTLE SESSION / Studio Live) You can enjoy their number “155”, which is the lead tune from their latest album “The Session Vol.1”, on their YouTube video. They... Read More

April 3, 2018

ASTERISM, most young & exciting hard rock band in Japan, was attack as a storm in Tokyo.

ASTERISM, 3-piece hard rock instrumental band, has been waging a wonderful performance @ Shimokitazawa LIVE HOLIC, Tokyo on 29th MARCH.. 15-year-old female super guitarist HAL-CA’s performance was completely captivated the audience in the venue. 16-year-old bassist MIYU’s performance & 18-year old drummer MIO’s performance were also far more than the level of the imagination of the audience of the venue. Audience of LIVE HOLIC was convinced that their sound &... Read More