March 25, 2013

AWOI / Main Guest Artist at Canada’s Biggest Anime Festival “Anime North 2013″

Among many conventions in Canada, “Anime North” boasts its enormous scale and especially its concert which can also be considered as the ‘main’ part of the entire convention. For this year’s concert, AWOI has been chosen as the main guest artist group and this stage will be their very first overseas stage, as well as a part of their solo release tour of the new single “Zetsubou no Taiyou” out on 4/3/2013. Release Information: “Zetsubou... Read More

January 1, 2011


AWOI is a Loud Visual Rock band formed in Osaka in October 2004. The band was originally formed by OTOGI (voice) and SHOU (guitar) , and had their first show in the same year. Then they released their very 1st single “KOKORO” in March, 2005. SAKI (bass) joined the band in 2005 soon after a temporary bassist left the band. In 2007, they signed to BRAND’S RECORDS in FACE MUSIC, which is an Osaka based label, and released their 3rd Maxi single “Nakunaranai Uta”. After... Read More