June 11, 2015

BAROQUE’s new album digitally released worldwide. Preview videos for all songs

BAROQUE’s first album in two years, “PLANETARY SECRET”, was digitally released to 111 countries via iTunes Store on May 27. The group members stated the concept of the album. “The starry night, peoples lives, and their souls. It’s like remembering the first starry night you ever saw, and realizing that it is something missing in modern society. We hope this music will make people see the beauty of life again.” Official website: http://www.pigmy.jp Twitter: http://twitter.com/baroqueofficial YouTube:... Read More

November 16, 2012

baroque / New Worldwide Release of “Kizuna” from Warner Music Japan

baroque recently held a solo live titled “TOUR baroque Genshou Daiyon Genshou” on 11/7/2012 at Tokyo NHK Hall. After the live, they made an announcement of their new single “Kizuna” to be released on 12/12. The title song of this new single will be digitally released in 62 countries for baroque fans all around the world. Official Website: http://www.pigmy.jp Twitter: http://twitter.com/baroqueofficial Related posts:baroque / baroque's revival live attracted 10000 passionate... Read More

July 22, 2011

baroque / baroque’s revival live attracted 10000 passionate fans

baroque, the legendary band that rewrote the history of visual rock held a live after a 7-year break on 7/17 at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Under a clear blue sky, their revival live was offered for free to 10000 fans who proved their deep passion. baroque, at the peak of their popularity, disbanded after their solo live at Zepp Tokyo in 2004 as they left a message,”We’ll leave baroque with you all,” behind. On 6/9, their official website posted a mysterious... Read More

January 1, 2011


baroque is a Japanese rock band, formed in 2001. The band formed when the guitarist Akira (from Shiver) and bassist Bansaku (from After effect) invited Ryo (the vocalist of kannivalism) to their new band. Kei (圭) (the guitarist of kannivalism) also joined with Ryo. That time baroque also had a drummer named Naru (ナル). baroque debuted in July 2001 and went major rather quickly doing their first one-man in August 2001. Upon forming, baroque retained a sort of visual kei... Read More