May 2, 2014

France “The 15th Japan Expo” : Berryz Kobo And ℃-ute Appear As Guest Of Honor

It has been confirmed that Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute would be appearing as GUEST OF HONOR 2014 MUSIC at , which will be held in July in Paris, France. In the past Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Morning Musume。(Now Morning Musume。’14) and ℃-ute have been invited to as guests of honor, all of whom have enjoyed wide popularity in Europe. The guests of honor for , held this year, have been confirmed to be ℃-ute, who would be appearing as guest of honor for the second consecutive year,... Read More

March 26, 2013

Berryz Kobo / Successful Live in Bangkok

Berryz Kobo held “Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2013 Spring in Bangkok” in Thailand on 3/9/2013. As Berryz Kobo have visited Thailand several times for promotion and lives and have won the hearts of many local fans since their first solo concert in March 2010, Berryz Kobo were warmly welcomed by a big crowd of enthusiastic fans at the concert on 3/9. During the concert, special events such as a present lottery for the audience and a photo session were held to interact... Read More

January 1, 2013

Hello! Project / Live Viewing of Tour Stage for New Spring in Taiwan!

2 stages of Hello! Project’s concert tour for the new spring “Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Year Live 2013 Winter” will be available for live viewing at a designated movie theater in Taiwan. “~Viva!~” and “~Bravo!~” to be held on 1/13/2013 at Nakano Sun Plaza will be broadcasted live on a movie screen at VIESHOW CINEMAS in Taiwan. After the live viewing, an exclusive clip will be shown just for the viewers at the theater. Special concert merchandise will also... Read More

January 1, 2011

Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo is a J-pop group within Hello! Project. The original eight members are originally from Hello! Project Kids and often are back-up dancers for W (Double You)’s music videos. Prior to the band’s formation, some members worked with members of Morning Musume in such side projects as Aa! and ZYX, and in the Mini Moni movie Okashina Daibouken. They were first announced at a Hello! Project Club Event on January 14, 2004. Hello! Project promoted the band by releasing... Read More