November 19, 2015

BIGMAMA×TOTALFAT×THE BACK HORN to do “Gourmet Live Performance”

BIGMAMA, TOTALFAT, and THE BACK HORN will Share a Stage at [Warehouse “J” Chapters] Oretachino”Paku Paku BEEF NOODLE” Gourmet Live IN Taiwan. Tickets will be out at noon on November 14th local time. [Warehouse “J” Chapters] Oretachino”Paku Paku BEEF NOODLE” Gourmet Live IN Taiwan January 30th (Sat) 2016 at LIVE WAREHOUSE Kaoh Siung Hong Kong Performers BIGMAMA / TOTALFAT / THE BACK HORN Fee:Adv NT$1300 / Door NT$1500 BIGMAMA Official... Read More

July 17, 2015

BIGMAMA Japan tour add-on shows in Taiwan

BIGMAMA has been on their “The Vanishing Bride Tour 2015” Japan tour since April. Add-on shows were just confirmed. The tour is in support of their February release, “The Vanishing Bride”. The add-on show is titled “KAETTEKITA HANAYOME, NIJIKAI WA Shinkiba DE” and will be held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on October 12. They will also hold “Honeymoon-HEN” at THE WALL Taipei on October 18 and at Sakurazaka Central Okinawa on October 25. This will be BIGMAMA’s... Read More

April 3, 2015

BIGMAMA’s “alongside” in Taiwan green tea commercial

BIGMAMA’s “alongside” is being used in a TV commercial for “OCHAEN”, a bottled green tea by Taiwan drink manufacturer, VITALON. BIGMAMA released “alongside” in August, 2013. The TV commercial can be seen on the “OCHAEN” official YouTube channel. Masatoshi Nagase, an actor who has gained popularity in Taiwan from his role in the Taiwanese movie “KANO”, appears in this commercial. “Alongside” and its corresponding album, “The Vanishing Bride”, are... Read More

January 1, 2011


BIGMAMA was formed on 2002. called POP PUNK / EMO band with strings. they has been sold 2,000 copies of DEMO-CD as D.I.Y. in July of 2006, they released 1st Mini Album 「SHORT FILMS」from RX-RECORDS as a second artists following RIDDLE. and it has been sold over 8,000 copies. in October of 2006, they halted at a while… in February 10, 2007 at LIQUIDROOM, they got new member and reopened. they will release New single on June 6, 2007. Official Website: Myspace:... Read More