May 10, 2013

Aerosonic, Aerosmith and B’z co-starring

11 years since FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA/JAPAN of 2002, Aerosmith and B’z will be co-starring again. It will be called . This is the 10th time Aerosmith will be having a Japan tour where they will be performing in Tokyo at a stadium called QVC Marine Field on August 8th. It will be an envious performance for the rock fans with double headliner of B’z and Aerosmith. This is the first time Aerosmith will be contesting with Japanese artists in their own tour. This all started when... Read More

April 2, 2013

B’z Is Releasing 25th Anniversary All-single Best Album. The Album Is Said to Feature New Songs.

September 21th will be the 25th anniversary for Japanese rock legend B’z. They have announced the release of their 25th anniversary All- Single Best Album and following nation-wide tour. Through their long career of 25 years, B’z released 50 singles, 5 Eps and 18 albums. They already have released best albums such as “Pleasure”, “Treasure” ,“Ballads” ,“Pleasure Ⅱ” ,“Ultra Pleasure” and “Ultra Treasure”. But this will be their fist Best... Read More

October 3, 2012

B’z / Live Streaming of US Tour Final Live

Currently on their US tour “B’z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-,” B’z will broadcast their final stage at Gibson Amphitheatre live online for viewers around the world to join in. In addition, B’z will release a special digital album “B’z” consisting of 5 songs fully re-recorded in English, available on iTunes for 63 countries in various areas around the world. Everyone is looking forward to the songs and performances that B’z will present at the tour final live.... Read More

July 25, 2012

B’z / Worldwide Release of New Album in English

B’z are releasing a digital album “B’z” on 7/25/2012. This album will be available on digital download sites such as iTune Store in 63 countries around the world. This album includes B’z 5 hit single songs re-recorded with English lyrics. With this brand new album, B’z will go on a nationwide US tour that will cover 7 cities in the US starting on 9/17/2012. Release Information: “B’z” Digital-only release on 7/25/2012 Track List: 1.Love Bomb (theme song for... Read More

May 18, 2012

B’z / First Time to Collaborate for CD Release

B’z, one of Japan’s most popular rock bands, are announced to have participated in a collaboration for a new single “HEAT” to be released on 7/4/2012 by a solo artist from Korea, Kim Hyun Joong. With the title song composed by Tak Matsumoto and lyrics written by Inaba Koshi, this is the first time ever for B’z since their debut in 1998 to create a song as a unit for an artist. They didn’t only participate in making the song, but also in the recording with Koshi Inaba... Read More

April 19, 2012

B’z / New World Release of “Into Free -Dangan-” & North America Tour

Starting from 4/4, “Into Free -Dangan-,” the new release of B’z, has been made available one by one in 51 countries around the world on iTunes Store. Also, B’z will go on a North America tour “B’z LIVE-GYM 2012 -Into Free-” from September to October. The tour will start from San Francisco and cover 7 locations in total including Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Silver Spring, New York and Los Angeles. Their North America tour “B’z... Read More

July 27, 2011

B’z attracted 200,000 viewings on Ustream for North American Tour Final Live

Breaking the 8-year break, B’z North American Tour “B’z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-” finally came around in Vancouver on 7/20 and in San Francisco on 7/22, then its final live was held in Los Angeles on 7/24. All of these 3 shows were completely sold out and fans from all over the US and Canada, joined by the fans who came out from Japan, filled the venues with their passion and excitement. The Los Angeles live was held at Club Nokia, the state-of-the-art... Read More

January 1, 2011


Vocals: Koshi Inaba Guitar: Tak Matsumoto Tak Matsumoto on guitar and Koshi Inaba on vocals make up the base of what is arguably the absolute number 1 Japanese rock band, B’z. B’z was created back in 1988 but what is it that makes them so successful? Is it Tak’s skillfully executed riffs? After all, he is a Gibson Signature Artist and that honor is reserved for very few artists in the entire world. Or, is it the emotional lyrics about all facets of human interaction... Read More