May 1, 2012

Calmando Qual / 3rd full album [BLACK SHEEP] on sale June 27, 2012

Starwave Records releases Calmando Qual 3rd full album [BLACK SHEEP]. “I don’t want to become a white sheep; then I wouldn’t be me anymore.” The long-awaited third full album by Calmando Qual, the band that continues to project a style and presence unmatched in the gothic/visual scene. Even now the evolution and frank message expressed by their sound know no limits! Line-up : Vocal: Hibiki Guitar: Tak Bass: Kenka Drums: Maya [BLACK SHEEP] release tour May... Read More

January 1, 2011

Calmando Qual

Calmando Qual, also known by the name Twisted Clock, is an indies band who describes their music as gothic rock. However, their music is much more intriguing and sinister than that simple description and contains strong messages. Although the band is sometimes linked to the visual kei genre, their look is mostly kept dark, but from time to time they add a few more flamboyant elements to their outfits, hair or make-up. Although Calmando Qual’s Japanese fan base can hardly be... Read More