July 30, 2012

CASCADE / Release Tour Final Live on Nico Nico Live Streaming

CASCADE made an announcement that the tour final live of their nationwide release tour “CASCADE TOUR 2012 Hetauma Cowboys” will be on Nico Nico Live Streaming! With their recent album “Hetauma Cowboys” released in April, CASCADE have been on this solo tour since June. The final live on 7/31 at Shibuya O-WEST will be available for live streaming, so don’t miss out! At this tour final live, CASCADE will be performing not only the new songs from the newly released album,... Read More

January 1, 2011


The name Cascade belongs to several groups, including a Japanese dance band, a British trance duo better known as Transa, a Finnish band and an Indonesian band. The Japanese Cascade, began in 1993 and disbanded in the summer of 2002. Made up of TAMA (vocals), MAKKO (bass), MASASHI (guitar), and Hiroshi (drums), Cascade released around fourteen singles, nine albums and one 2-disc best of plus five VHS and three DVDs. Since disbandment TAMA has moved on to front FU JI KO, and has... Read More