February 28, 2017

CHEMISTRY opened official YouTube channel, casting 33 music videos simultaneously

CHEMISTRY opened their official YouTube channel, casting all past music videos at once. The duo went inactive in April 2012, and will make a comeback on Feb 28 & Mar 1 at Tokyo International Forum hall A for their “one-man” show “CHEMISTRY LIVE 2017 –TWO-”. On YouTube, fans can watch from the group’s debut single “PIECES OF A DREAM” to “eternal smile” released in 2011, summing up to 33 music videos in total. Also on Feb 21, CHEMISTRY released their newest... Read More

January 1, 2011


CHEMISTRY debuted at “Asayan” auditions, organized by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, in December 2000 with their song Saigo no yoru.Their major debut with Sony came just four months later with the maxi-single PIECES OF A DREAM, of which more than a million copies were sold. The maxi-single reached the number one ranking on the Oricon Charts – an amazing success, but not too surprising since most of the world’s casting acts appear immediately at the top... Read More