September 26, 2013

DAMIJAW’s first live footage! Winter shows including the annual countdown-show have been announced!

Janne Da Arc’s bassist ka-yu’s solo project, DAMIJAW, has released a DVD/Blu-ray titled DAMIJAW 47-prefecture tour “Be with You!!!!!2″ 5.17 O-EAST on September 25th. This DVD/Blu-ray is based on the live footage of the final night of his 47-prefecture tour, DAMIJAW 47-prefecture tour “Be with You!!!!!2″5.17 O-EAST. The the live footage is more than 3 hour long and it not only conveys the charm in DAMIJAW’s songs but also the fun you get... Read More

January 1, 2011


The bassist from Janne Da Arc, Ka-yu, released two EPs in 2007 called “Solid Beat” and “Solid Beat Ⅱ” by his real name “Kazuyuki Matsumoto”. In 2010 he started his new project DAMIJAW, releasing a single “Muryoku na Jibun ga Yurusenai” in February and a full album “I AM” in April. The project’s first tour featuring the new album started in June. In 2011, DAJAW’s tour named “Be with You!!!” went to all 47 prefectures in Japan under the concept... Read More