September 30, 2011

Japan’s #1 indie artist Def Tech, the one and only American and Japanese bilingual duo unit will finally release its music worldwide

Def Tech, a creator unit consisting of Shen and Micro who sold over 5 million record sales total since their debut in 2005 with album “Def Tech”, just released their past 4 albums worldwide today through their official website and iTunes. (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, EU) Their new album “UP” will also be released worldwide on October 5 through iTunes. Along with mp3 format download on iTunes Store, high-quality WAV format download will also be available... Read More

January 1, 2011

Def Tech

A creator unit consisting of Shen and Micro, they sing, write, produce and arrange their songs, and established the new genre-straddling “Jawaiian Reggae.” Shen was born in China and grew up in Hawaii. Micro was born and bred in Tokyo. Shen had visited Japan many times while growing up and they met in Tokyo and started their music collaborations in 2000. Their three albums; 1st album “Def Tech” (2005), 2nd album “Lokahi Lani” (2005), and 3rd... Read More