March 28, 2013

D’ERLANGER’s Shocking Switch to Major International Label Warner Music!

D’ERLANGER: the legendary band that, since their major debut in 1990, have had enormous influence on later visual kei rock bands, and who characterize their unique, avant-garde sounds and visual styles as “Sadistical Punk.” For their first act since switching to Warner Music, this band, which is also considered to be a pioneer among visual kei rock bands, has at long last completed their sixth album, “#Sixx,” which will be the band’s first... Read More

January 1, 2011


D’ERLANGER is a Japanese band considered to be important to the formation of visual kei, which was later used by bands like LUNA SEA & Kuroyume. The band formed in 1983 and disbanded seven years later in 1990. The guitarist CIPHER was only 15 when the band formed. The vocalist Kyo and the drummer TETSU were popular X JAPAN guitarist hide’s bandmates in yokosuka SAVER TIGER. After they disbanded, Kyo formed die in cries and later Bug. CIPHER and TETSU formed BODY and... Read More