November 4, 2014

Diggy-MO’s solo music video directed by award-winning up-and-comer

Diggy-MO’, who releases his new single Lovin’ Junk on November 5th and has announced his plans for a full-scale solo career, has opened his official YouTube channel, the “Diggy-MO’ Channel”. The channel offers the music video for the Lovin’ Junk single. This video was headed by creative director Shogo Tominaga, who, at just twenty-three years of age, took the Bronze Prize at Cannes Lions Health, a new section of the Cannes Lions International... Read More

January 1, 2011


Diggy-MO’ is the Main MC for Soul’d Out. Diggy-MO’ has acquired a foundation of music through classic piano for 10 years or more. In Junior High School he formed a band which played black music. He recived big music influence from the Hip-Hop group The Roots. Although when Diggy-MO’ attended a university of fine arts to major in graphics, he still continued to dabble in music. The wide variation of SOUL’d Out’s music has a message that appeals... Read More