September 26, 2014

DISH// open for After Romeo in Denver

DISH// performed at The Orchard Town Center in Denver, Colorado, USA on September 13 (local date). DISH// were the opening act for Los Angeles-based, 5-piece boy band, After Romeo. After greeting the After Romeo fans, nicknamed “Juliets”, in English, they performed “GRAND HAPPY”, “ODORANYASON! Song!”, and “SAISHO NO KOI ~MOTETAKUTE~”. They finished their performance by telling the crowd, “We are so happy to surrounded by so many girls. We want to play in... Read More

September 2, 2014

DISH// to play in the US with After Romeo

DISH// will play an add-on show for their free US concert tour, “Captain DISH// GA MEGURU NATSUYASUMI NO DAIBOUKEN☆~ZENKOKU TSUTSU URAURA Event Tour -2014~”, at The Orchard Town Center in Denver, Colorado on September 13 (local time). DISH// will be performing at the shopping mall with American boy band, After Romeo. Official website – Twitter – Blog – Related posts:DISH//... Read More

July 18, 2013

DISH//, Success on Their First Overseas Live at an “NARUTO” Event in Taiwan

DISH// attended an Taiwan “NARUTO” event, “NARUTO EXPO 2013 TAIWAN” on July 6th. DISH//`s debut single “I Can Hear” was used for the ending theme song of Television Tokyo Anime “NARUTO Shippuden”. Since the animation is shown in Taiwan and because the single “I Can Hear” is released, their appearance was done. About 500 people including Middle and High school girls and parents and children gathered at the site. The four seemed to be nervous at first on their... Read More

June 12, 2013

DISH Will Debut in Taiwan with a Major Track and Also Appear in a NARUTO-Related Event

DISH Will Debut in Taiwan with a Major Track and Also Appear in a NARUTO-Related Event “I Can Hear,” Dish’s major debut single, will also be released in Taiwan. “I Can Hear,” which will be released on June 19, is the title track of the fourth single from DISH, and has been playing on air as the closing theme to TV Tokyo’s animated series, “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN.” In addition to this title track and its karaoke version, the single will... Read More

March 21, 2013

DISH// / Major Debut with Ending Theme Song of “NARUTO”

A 4-piece dance rock band “DISH//,” the ‘little brother’ unit of Momoiro Clover Z, is making their major debut in June from Sony Music Records with a single “I Can Hear.” The title song has been chosen as the ending theme of “NARUTO -Shippuden-” starting in April. Official Website: Twitter: Blog: Related posts:DISH Will Debut in Taiwan with a Major Track and Also Appear in a... Read More