April 23, 2014

DIV: The beauty of the artwork and music video for their new single

DIV, who will release their new single “HYORYU KANOJO” on May 5, just released the artwork and short version of the music video. “It’s a song for people cannot be saved just by a love song that fills the city” –CHISA As vocalist CHISA says, the gentle singing voice in “HYORYU KANOJO” is distinct. The floating sound and closely intertwined ensemble shows the possibilities in the band’s music. The album cover photo uses water and female motifs to symbolize the... Read More

March 11, 2014

DIV, Finally World Debut at Appearance on NHK WORLD “J-MELO”

The recently famous young and energetic band, DIV will be appearing in the music program “J-MELO” of NHK WORLD aired in over 140 countries and regions. “J-MELO” is a Japanese music program run fully in English by NHK WORLD as the bridge of music between Japan and the world. In NHK WORLD, it aired from March 10th early morning (Japanese time). Ahead of their first overseas performance on March 31st at Taiwan, this show will be DIV`s world debut. They will be having an... Read More

February 12, 2014

In Preparation for First Overseas Performance, DIV Opens Official Facebook Page

DIV will be performing at the event “HYSTERIC CIRCUS ASIA CIRCUIT vol.1,” a two-show tour that will be held on March 30 at Taipei THE WALL, and April 5 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. The live in Taiwan will be DIV’s first-ever overseas performance. Following a performance that will transcend national borders and overcome the language barrier, they will return to Japan to preform at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Fans should take note of how they evolve as performers following this... Read More

February 7, 2014

Dream Of a Butterfly In DIV’s “BUTTERFLY DREAMER”

DIV, who will be releasing two singles simultaneously on February 26, has revealed a short version music video of one of the singles, “BUTTERFLY DREAMER” “BUTTERFLY DREAMER” is a straightforward rock tune featuring DIV’s signature, heavy, band sound; however, much experimentation is incorporated including the use of scratch sounds. The lyrics depict modern society through the filter of Zuangzi’s “The Butterfly Dream” as theme. Although it’s obvious from the... Read More

October 21, 2013

DIV to Release Full-length Music Video of Album Title Song “ZERO ONE”

DIV’s 1st full-length album “ZERO ONE” will be available on October 23rd. The full-length music video of the album title song has been released. Vocalist, CHISA put special focus on “concreteness” when writing lyrics for ‘ZERO ONE’. The music video is a work of art which speaks out the message put in the song visually and musically, fans must check it out. An interesting project about this video is that the play counts for the video will start unlocking other... Read More

March 30, 2012

“Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” by DANGER CRUE / Voting Battle of the Bands!

Presented by DANGER CRUE, “Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-” is a series of live events where new upcoming neo-visual bands with powerful sounds and staging are showcased. In preparation for the second event of the series scheduled for 4/13(Fri), a new approach of “Voting Battle of the Bands” was announced as a new band “DIV” joined the artist lineup. This is an experimental voting system for the fans in which the results will decide... Read More

January 1, 2011


Members: Vo: Chisa (ex-NEXX) Gu: Shogo (ex-xTRiPx) Ba: Chobi (ex-xTRiPx) Dr: Satoshi (ex-LANDZ) Official Website: http://div-official.com/ Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/DIV.en.official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DIV.en.official Related posts:"Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-" by DANGER CRUE / Voting Battle of...DIV to Release Full-length Music Video of Album Title Song “ZERO ONE”Dream Of a Butterfly In DIV’s “BUTTERFLY DREAMER”In Preparation... Read More