January 26, 2015

doa on Nico live on the day before album release

doa’s special program, “doa member NAMASHUTSUEN 9th Album ‘FLY HIGH’ Release KINEN TOKUBAN”, will air live on Tuesday, January 27 at 21:00. The special program is to commemorate the January 28 release of doa’s ninth album “FLY HIGH”. They will appear at Tokyo Niconico headcquaters satellite studio “Nicobukuro Studio” for a two-part program. doa videos will be played until 22:00. The members will then appear on the show at 22:00 and talk about the release... Read More

January 1, 2011


A trio-vocal band consisting of Daiki (Hiroki) Yoshimoto (Vo.), Shinichiro Ohta (Vo., Gt.), and Akihito Tokunaga (Vo., B.). The band was formed by Tokunaga in 2004, and released their major debut single “Hinotori no Youni” in July. All members take on the role of main vocalist, and their music is characterized by lyrical music and beautiful harmonies. The band name was taken from the first letter of the members’ names: Daiki’s “D”, Ohta’s “O”, and Akihito’s... Read More