January 2, 2017

Dragon Ash’s First VR Music Video Has Been Published

Dragon Ash has published their first virtual reality music video. This music video enables the viewer to experience 360 ° video and 3D sound system developed by YouTube. Their live show standard “Headbang” is featured in the video. Official Website: http://www.dragonash.co.jp/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonashofficial Twitter: http://twitter.com/dragon_ash Related posts:Dragon AshDragon Ash、New Song “Trigger” Chosen As New Theme Song For Biohazard SeriesDragon... Read More

December 2, 2014

Dragon Ash’s first Taiwan concert

Dragon Ash played their first Taiwan “one-man” concert on November 15. The concert was in celebration of Taiwan apparel brand REMIX’s 10-year anniversary. It was their passionate demand that made this concert a reality. Dragon Ash had been invited to play at several festivals and concerts in Taiwan in the past. However, each time they were stricken with typhoons and other accidents. They were finally granted good fortune and were able to perform. Official Website: http://www.dragonash.co.jp/ Facebook:... Read More

November 15, 2013

Dragon Ash Releases First Original Album In Three Years, “THE FACES”

For the first time in approximately three years, Dragon Ash will be releasing their new original album, “THE FACES”, on January 15, 2014. This would be their tenth original album release since the release of “MIXTURE” in 2010, three years ago. The title “THE FACES” captures Dragon Ash’s diverse musicality and the current state of the ever-evolving band. The leader of the band Kj commented, “As long as we continue, we’d like to make the best album possible”.... Read More

May 15, 2013

Dragon Ash、New Song “Trigger” Chosen As New Theme Song For Biohazard Series

Dragon Ash’s new single “Here I Am” will be released on May 29th. This song that is described as a “proof of existence” and an “expression of determination” is the coupling song “Trigger” for their new singl, and was chosen as the theme song for the new Biohazard series, “BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS UNVEILED EDITION”. The song “Trigger” was written by request from the staff of “BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS UNVEILED EDITION”. It is a intense song with a sense... Read More

January 1, 2011

Dragon Ash

Since their debut in 1997, Dragon Ash has crossed all kinds of boundaries of genres in full speed with their music and expressed unique sounds in the ways only possible for Dragon Ash to do so. Dragon Ash is a monster band and a strong representative of the Japanese music scene who always choose alternative paths, yet continue to be supported and loved by a tremendous amount of fans throughout time. Official Website: http://www.dragonash.co.jp/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonashofficial Twitter:... Read More