August 19, 2013

EGO-WRAPPIN’, Attending Fest Held in Russia as Representative of Japan

EGO-WRAPPIN’ will be attending the music fest held for the first time in Vladivostok of Russia on August 24th. In this fest, representing artists of Japan, Korea, China, and the US are invited, and a very popular local artist of Russia will be closing it. It will be held in Vladivostok City Central Square, and the fest is expected to have about 15,000 audiences. We look forward as to how the stage will turn out to be. <V-ROX> August 22nd – 25th Site: Vladivostok City... Read More

April 18, 2013

EGO-WRAPPIN′ Distributing on iTunes All Past Songs Including the Latest Album All Over the World

EGO-WRAPPIN’, who released their latest album “steal a person’s heart” on April 10th, on the same day started distribution including all past songs in 111 regions around the world on iTunes. “steal a person’s heart”, which will be their 8th original album contain a total of 11 songs. Modern Artist Shintaro Otake wrote their lyrics, and they contain different musical pieces which you can fully enjoy the Ego-World, such as the lead track “Mekon no Tsuki”... Read More

May 22, 2012

EGO-WRAPPIN’ / Headliner at Music Festival in Korea

EGO-WRAPPIN’ will be one of the headliners for “RAINBOW ISLAND 2012″ to be held in Nami Island on 6/9 and 6/10/2012. Including their performance at SEOUL-AX, they’ve been on stage for other music festivals in Korea in the past. EGO-WRAPPIN’ have gained much attention and are becoming more popular among Korean music lovers. They will be performing as a headliner along with JASON MRAZ and CHRISTINA PERRI at “RAINBOW ISLAND 2012″ on 6/10,... Read More

March 8, 2012

EGO-WRAPPIN’ / Joint Tour with Local Artists in Paris

EGO-WRAPPIN’ are going on a live tour in Paris, France soon! Starting on 3/13, they will be going around 5 locations in Paris with local artists, MORIARTY and SCOTCH ET SOFA. They’ve already gained themselves much attention for the announcement of this live tour, but come on out to join them and check them out for yourself! “EGO-WRAPPIN’ JOINT TOUR in PARIS” 3/13/2012(Tues) Cite internationale MAISON DU JAPON, Paris Artist Lineup: EGO-WRAPPIN’ / MORIARTY 3/14/2012(Wed)... Read More

January 1, 2011


EGO-WRAPPIN’ is a unit formed in 1996 in Osaka. Members include YoshieNakano (vocals, writes lyrics and music) and Masaki Mori (guitar, writes music). They established the project in their hometown of Osaka and later relocated to Tokyo. Persistent sales of their exceptional debut “Blues of Colors” (2000) built nationwide recognition, representing their unique artistry through cabaret music and Showa popular songs, which was inspired by Jazz of the pre-war years. EGO-WRAPPIN’... Read More