April 19, 2014

ELISA, releases 3 singles, including her newest single “Millenario”!

ELISA, making her U.S. debut this weekend at Sakura-Con 2014*, has just released 3 singles including her brand new single “Millenario”! Her latest song has been gaining attention for its tie-in to the popular TV anime series “The irregular at magic high school” as the ending theme song. Also released today are singles, “REALISM” and “Sobani Iruyo”, which were featured as ending theme songs for the hit TV anime series “Valvrave the Liberator”. These singles... Read More

January 1, 2011


Elisa is a Japanese pop singer and model of elite model management Japan. She debuted with the single, “euphoric field feat. ELISA”. She knew the pleasure of singing by joined a choir at the age of a seventh grader then played piano from 3 years old. At the age of a ninth grader, she participated in the national choir convention. At the age of a tenth grader, she joined and played opera. Her favorite opera is “The Marriage of Figaro” of Mozart. She applied for... Read More