February 7, 2013

A warm welcome! Enako from Panache! performs a return concert in Myanmar.

After becoming the first Japanese pop idol to perform live in Myanmar in October 2012, Enako returned to perform four concerts on January 26 (Sat.) & 27 (Sun.) at the Comic Party 41th in Yangon @ International Food Expo, where she thrilled the 1500 fans that clamored to see her. This time around, Enako appeared as a guest on television program, “5 NETWORK,” one of Myanmar’s biggest, proving the immense popularity she has garnered in the country. Enako also... Read More

December 27, 2012

Panache! / Performance at Comics Event in China with New Stage Costume!

Panache! participated in “CAF2012,” the biggest comics event in China, during 12/15-16 and performed on stage. The members appeared in their newest stage costume for “Sky Believe,” a new single to be released on 2/13/2013. They sang Christmas songs in such cute Santa costumes for the event’s final stage that the audience went crazy with excitement. Surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of more than 2000 people, the members in bright red costumes highlighted by illuminating... Read More

December 11, 2012

Cosplayer Enako receives enthusiastic welcome at big Thai event invite

On November 29, Enako, the internationally acclaimed charismatic cosplayer, was invited by the city of Chiang Mai as a special Japanese guest at Loi Krathong, Thailand’s largest festival held in Chiang Mai. The Loi Krathong Festival is the largest festival in Thailand, and attracts over a million visitors from around the world. In the midst of all this, Enako mesmerized the crowd in impressive style from start to finish. Besides being presented a trophy for her participation... Read More

November 15, 2012

Cosplayer Enako Attracts a Crowd of 1500 Fans in Myanmar

The international cosplayer, Enako, performed as a special Japanese guest for 3 days, from October 5th to 7th, at the “JAPAN PRODUCT EXPO 2012,” the largest scale trade fair in Myanmar, which was held in Yangon. During these 3 days at the “JAPAN PRODUCT EXPO 2012,” Enako’s performances as well as the related photo events were a great success, with around 1500 Myanmar fans and cosplayers coming to watch and take part. Enako is a member of the idol group “Panache!”... Read More