April 3, 2013

M THREE from FAIRIES Made Their Debut at Idol Event’s Holy Land

M THREE from 6-girl Dance Vocal Group, Fairies, made their CD-debut event for “ YUMEMIRU DANCING DOLL (DREAMING DANCING DOLL)”at fountain patio in IKEBUKURO SUNSHINE, known as “Idol Event’s Holy Land”. M THREE consists of three girls whose name starts with “M”, MIRIA (MIRIA FUJITA), MIKI (MIKI SHIMOMURA) and MAHIRO(MAHIRO HAYASHIDA). They are normally dressed cool in a jacket and short pants but for M THREE, they’ve got cute 50’s dress look with oldie... Read More

January 1, 2011


Fairies is a 7 member Japanese female idol group, formed in 2011 under Vision Factory, an Avex record division. Members of idol group ‘Fairies’ are Ito Momoka (13), Fujita Miria (12), Nomoto Sora (13), Hayashida Mahiro (13), Shimomura Miki (12), Kiyomura Kawane (12), and Inoue Rikako (14). Self-admitting to be Amuro fans, these girls used to call themselves ‘dance girls’. They have had intense training in vocal and dance lessons. Their first single, “More Kiss/Song... Read More