August 12, 2014

FLAP GiRLS’ SCHOOL’s one-camera, no-cut, one-take music video shoot

Idol group FLAP GiRLS’ SCHOOL released their second single, “OMOKAJI IPPAI!”, on August 5. The video for “OMOKAJI IPPAI!” was shot on one camera without a single cut. After rehearsing the performance, the girls shot the video in one take without a single mistake. This is also the first time the group appears in any video wearing bathing suits. The group members work along with projection mapping in this intricate video shoot. Official Website: Facebook:... Read More

January 1, 2011


FLAP GiRLS’ SCHOOL is an idol group formed by a public audition on April 15th in 2012. The concept of the group is the open lessons. They show all the lesson to fans from the basic lessons such as greeting ,proper responses, and professionalism to dance and voice training. The members share the moment of growth with the fans by showing all the moment of it in front of them. Official Website: BLOG: Twitter: Facebook:... Read More